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The great advantage that GRAACC has to combat children's cancer is its hospital, the Pediatric Oncology Institute (IOP - Instituto de Oncologia Pediátrica). It is considered to be a center of reference in the treatment of the disease. GRAACC treats children and adolescents all over Brazil, guaranteeing them all the highest level of medical assistance and treating thousands of patients per month. Learn more about our infrastructure.

2nd basement floor
This floor hosts the infrastructure sector and Equipment Technology, Hygiene and Cleansing, Dressing Rooms, Storeroom and Information Technology.

1st basement floor
Diagnostic Imaging
Center (DIC): one of the most modern diagnostic centers in the Country, the unit is equipped with Magnetic Ressonance, Computerized Tomography, Ultrasound, Echocardiogram, Digital X-Ray and Densitometry, offering the conditions necessary to make precise and agile diagnostic identification. The equipment was donated by Philips, the Florindon Foundation, General Eletric, Mr. Edson Lopes and the Japanese Government, through the General Counsel of Japan in São Paulo.
Services: The Nutrition and Diet Service and the industrial kitchen, donated by the companies Aços Macon, União Química Farmacêutica and São Rafael Sistemas de Refrigeração, offer food especially prepared for the patient and his/her companion and a medical archive and statistics service.

Ground Floor
Floor donated by: The Orsa Foundation
The floor includes the reception, administration and the Volunteer Sector. GRAACC has a structured group of volunteers, that promotes several activities and provides strategic support in the life of the hospital. This work was extremely important in the formation of GRAACC - and is still essential for the current success of the institution.

1st floor
Floor donated by: The Orsa Foundation and the Banco do Brasil Foundation
This is where we have the triage services, medical offices,  social service, nursing, dental service, psychology, nutrition, outpatient pharmacy, outpatient pain clinic and multidisciplinary treatment of pediatric surgery, neurosurgery, neuroclinic, orthopedics and physiatry, endocrinology, radiotherapy and ENT. The services are carried out by a large and skilled medical team.

2nd floor - Orsa Foundation Chemotherapy Playroom and Bone Marrow Transplant Outpatient Clinic
Floor donated by: The Safra Foundation
The chemotherapy treatment is carried out in the Orsa Foundation Chemotherapy Playroom, another space in the GRAACC hospital which is absolutely playful and humanized. The floor has 29 stations with armchairs and beds, test collection rooms and a room for outpatient procedures, like portcath punctions, collection of myelograms, bone marrow biopsies, collection of liquor and fundus examinations.

3rd floor - Hematology Laboratory, Senninha Therapeutic Playroom and Família Castro Marques Auditorium
Floor donated by: Ayrton Senna Institute and Credicard
In order to diminish the impact of the disease on the life of the children and adolescents as much as possible, GRAACC humanizes all the hospital procedures. In the Senninha Therapeutic Playroom, for example, recreative and therapeutic activities are developed for the patients and their companions. This floor also has the Hematology Laboratory, which is responsible for all the hemograms (blood tests) made by the hospital. The Banco do Brasil Foundation has donated some of the laboratory equipment.

4th floor - Research Center, Bone Marrow Transplant Laboratory and Doctor's Room
Floor donated by
: The Orsa Foundation and Fábrica de Papel e Papelão Nossa Senhora da Penha
On this floor we have the Research Center, the doctor's room and the Bone Marrow Transplant Laboratory, where all the stem cells are prepared, frozen and stored to be used at the time of the transplant. This laboratory is one of the only ones in the Country with the capacity to store the cells in nitrogen - the safest method to maintain the cells that will be used in the transplants for years. The Banco do Brasil foundation donated some of the laboratory equipment.

5th floor - Surgical Center and Ronald McDonald Institute Bone Marrow Transplant Center
Floor donated by: McDonald's
The GRAACC Surgical Center is highly complex and is prepared to carry out the most complex surgeries, such as neurosurgeries, with optic microscopy and adequate equipment; orthopedic surgeries, with the placement of endoprosthesis; abdominal and thoracic surgeries. Rotary has equipped the neurosurgery unit and the Banco do Brasil Foundation and the company Gearbulk Marítima donated the equipment for the surgical center. This floor also has the Ronald McDonald Institute Bone Marrow Transplant Center, where autological, allogeneic with family donors and allogeneic with non-family donor transplants are carried out.

6th floor - Pediatric and Special Care Unit (ICU)
Floor donated by: Zoomp, Banco Itaú and the Rothschild Family
The children and adolescents treated by GRAACC have an exclusive Intensive Therapy Unit. There is a total of 11 beds, which offer support for complex post-operational conditions and complications during the oncological treatment.

7th floor - Hospitalization Units
Floor donated by: Banco Bradesco S.A.
When hopitalization is necessary, the GRAACC patients have two hospitalization wings, where they are assisted by a professional team specialized in oncological treatment with excellence - and very humane. There are 12 beds for hospitalization, as well as a Nursing Station.

8th floor - Genetics Laboratory, Transfusional Agency, Rehabilitation Center and the Cantinho da Paz (Peaceful Corner)
Floor donated by: Cia. Suzano de Papel e Celulose
The Genetics and Molecular Biology laboratory at GRAACC is one of the main centers of reference in the Country in research which contributes to the search of the cure for cancer in children and adolescents. The location also has the best techniques for genetic and molecular diagnosis, identifying prognostic factors which can interfere in the treatment of the disease. The Orsa and Banco do Brasil foundations are partners of the laboratory, as well as Ana Cristina and André Guper. On this floor there is also the Transfusional Agency, donated by the Alcoa Foundation and the Alcoa Institute, the Peaceful Corner (Cantinho da Paz), donated by Solidi Engenharia e Construção, and the rehabilitation unit with Motor Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy and Speech Therapy.

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